Repair and Calibration Services

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the servicing of Magtrol Motor Testing Equipment. Should you need further assistance, contact Magtrol's Repair and Calibration Department.
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Q How often should my equipment be serviced/calibrated?
A Magtrol recommends that all motor test equipment be serviced at least annually.

Q Can I have an outside calibration house calibrate my Magtrol equipment instead of sending it in to Magtrol?

Magtrol does not recommend using outside calibration houses for various reasons:

  • Most on-site calibration houses will not have the equipment necessary to properly calibrate all Magtrol equipment to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Magtrol offers complete service on dynamometers which includes preventative maintenance such as bearing replacement. Sending dynamometers in for routine maintenance/calibration will help prevent costly repairs down the road.

Q I just received my Magtrol dynamometer back from service. But when I plug it in, I have a high torque effect. What do I do?

The first thing you need to do upon receiving a dynamometer that has been serviced by Magtrol is to REMOVE THE SHIPPING BOLT.

  • Newer models HD-100 through HD-500: On dynamometers with a framed cabinet, the shipping bolt is accessible from the bottom of the base plate.
  • HD-700 series: The shipping bolt is located in the front pillow block just under the shaft.
  • Older models HD-100 through HD-705: Remove the top cover of the cabinet. Locate the gray colored damper cylinder near the front panel. There is a damper arm that runs between the damper cylinder and the brake assembly. The shipping bolt is the long slotted screw that extends through the damper arm and down into the base plate.
  • WB/PB 2.7 series:  The restraining pin may not be properly installed. Refer to the manual.
  • WB/PB 65 series and WB/PB 115 series:  There are two Hex Head screws for overload protection during shipment that must be adjusted. Refer to the manual.

Q Is there an alternative to using weights for on-site calibration of large dynamometers like the WB/PB 15 Series? (The large weights are difficult to handle.)
A A hydraulic cylinder with a reference load cell can be used, but Magtrol does not provide it.
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